Picture Perfect

A few months ago, I posted about looking for a photographer to take portraits of Avery, and then newborn shots when the baby was born. I ended up hiring Angelique with Dragonfly Design Photography, after my sister-in-law recommended her. Last week, I received Isla's birth announcements that Dragonfly designed, and thought you might enjoy a peek. My sweet baby girl (who hardly even looks like this anymore!)
Isla Birth Announcement
See? (Nice spit-up bubbles, too!)
(Thanks, cousin Lindsey, for being a part of our impromptu session this weekend!)

Anyway, here's some of my other favorites from the two photo sessions...

I can't even tell you how much this expression is her daddy.
5378 - Tutu eyes open

Not really wanting to smile
White dress on velvet couch

Very Anne Geddes, isn't it?
5473 - in basket in flowers

Something about the loveseat and those pom poms...
With paper poufs

A little vintage editing...
Avery on porch vintage by DF

...And a rare, candid shot with Mommy
With Mommy
**All photos except the second one, by Dragonfly**