Steppin' it up a notch

Have you seen the latest offerings from Home Decorator's Collection? I think they're certainly headed in the right direction with their new, "French Flair" collection - stated to be "treasures inspired by Parisian flea markets."

I appreciate the Morroccan influence of these Keys Collection side tables (and kinda lust for something in this pretty, aqua color!)
...And, I'd suggest their Left Bank Settee to someone wanting a French-ish look, without forking out a ton of cash for the Real Deal.
Although HDC claims the pieces offer a Parisian flair, I'd use the Madeline Chest in a room for a touch of Chinoiserie
The discount catalog has also teamed up with Martha to offer two lines of furniture based on the domestic diva's own furnishings. I'm kinda digging this scalloped mirror from the Ingrid Collection, and would love to use one in a room with black walls. Mirror, mirror, on the wall....
In Casa Giese baby girl is 8 weeks old today - can you BELIEVE that? I can't. She and I are in recovery mode today, because we were in the ER last night for four hours. Little Munchkin' caught some sort of viral crud, and has been running a really high temp. Things are looking better, we just have a lot of rest to catch up on.