Things I Swear By

You can imagine, with a preschooler and a newborn (and functioning as a single parent until we get back to Brazil - passport/visa issues = ugh), I don't get much of a chance to enjoy the so-called "finer" things in life. Not that I don't consider these challenging days memorable and precious, I certainly do.
I think any Mom, new or not, or any busy woman for that matter, learns to appreciate life's small luxuries. Over the past two months, these have provided me something resembling Calgon moments...
I had seen the ads for the Moroccan Oil products, but didn't pay them much heed, until my colorist suggested them at my last appointment. Their claim to fame being the proprietary Argan oil used in the products to make your hair soft, silky, and manageable - without making it greasy. Read more of the PR here. I don't know about all that jazz, but I DO know it cuts my dry time in half, as my stylist promised it would, makes my hair feel amazing, oh, and the scent is freakin' DEE-VINE. Worth the salon price - trust.

Next up: my Clarisonic face scrubber doo-dad. I used the sonic toothbrush when it came out, and figured if this thing cleaned my face like the toothbrush did my teeth, I'd be impressed. Well, impressed I am. Noticeably smoother skin. Noticeably smaller pores. Nice little mini-facial experience when I use it in the shower. I use the travel-friendly Mia, and am thinking about pairing it up with the oh-so-touted Wonderbar I keep hearing about.

The Reebok Easytone flip flop. These dear friends suffered under the weight of my pregnancy, and still have a bounce in their step. I don't know what they're doing in the tone department of my quads and buttocks, but they're certainly not making them flabbier. Yes, I do have a white trash tan on my feet because I absolutely LIVE in them. I don't care - they rock my world.

Breastfeeding. OK, I KNOW this won't apply to many of you. I'm no La Leche sista, but I am very pro-BF. If you can do it, and want to do it, you should. It is Mother Nature's best weight loss plan, and of course, the ultimate (free, btw) Superfood. For me, it provides a moment of respite and quiet (well, at least when Avery isn't crawling all over us!) If you could package the feel-good hormones that come from nursing, you'd have the ultimate anti-depressant. It's helping me keep my sanity, fo sho!