Design Super Sleuthing

I'm revisiting Gwyneth, again. It's OK. Stay with me...
After seeing the photos of Paltrow taken for the August Vogue article, I wondered if perhaps they were taken in her home, in her kitchen? The author alludes to the photos being taken on a "vast set," so I figured it was some other highly-stylized kitchen.
However, a few months back, The Happy Home blog did a little design sleuthing, and found images of what she felt were most certainly Gwyneth's Tribeca loft on designers Roman and Williams' website. Gwyneth hired the duo - former set designers known for their ability to translate a client's persona into an interior space - for her part-time, NYC residence. The images on the list of R&W's projects were not credited as the work done for Paltrow, but now, having seen the Vogue spread, I too, feel certain they are of her loft.

So, my question to you is this: If Roman and Williams have a reputation for realizing a client's being through design, what does Gwyneth's home say about her?
gwyneth nyc kitchen 2
This is the kitchen that appears to be the location of the Vogue shoot. The sheer dimension of the Carrara marble on the cooking island is impressive, but overall, the space reads very sterile to me. The kitchen was styled much more warmly for the Vogue shoot, and for her children's sake, hopefully more realistically!
I know the cabinets are most certainly custom, but somehow I feel I could get the same look from Ikea pre-fabs. Am I crazy?
gwyneth nyc kitchen

The living room. Again, beautiful, but stark. Hardly practical, especially where kids are concerned. Is that even a factor to consider when this home is most likely a stop-over point between London and L.A.?
gwyn tribeca loft

The swing, made from an antique, Indian door and custom chain was one of Gwyneth's favorite touches.
gwyneth loft swing

A banquette area, most likely opposite the kitchen. I understand the designers wanted the room( not a lot of knick knacks) to be the focus, but I don't get the sense that this is a warm, cozy place where the family sits together to eat.
gwyneth nyc banquet

A "Bed Chamber" -Presumably, the master bedroom.
gwyneth bedroom

...and a gilded closet to go-with.
gwyneth loft closet

A beautifully-papered hallway leading to the "bed chamber."
gwyneth hallway

The room that gave away the incognito status of the project - labeled "Apple's room." It's lovely, but lonely.
apple's room nyc
The words perfect, austere, untouchable come to mind. If in fact this home is an interpretation of Gwyneth's personality, I think it speaks volumes as to why people sometimes find her a tough pill to swallow.