Food GOOP for Thought

The August issue of Vogue features Gwyneth Paltrow; an interview and spread to promote her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter.
I'm not a subscriber to her lifestyle newsletter, GOOP, but every once in awhile I'll take a peek at what 'ol Gwynnie has to say. I'm part of that faction of people who's palate is flavored with a love/hate taste for Paltrow, but she has a keen eye for design aesthetic, (as seen by her Hamptons home, featured in House and Garden a few years back), and for that, I give her serious cred. Now, she's apparently showcasing her culinary skills in her oh-so-perfect kitchens. From what Vogue food writer, Jeffrey Steingarten, says (nay, gushes) girlfriend can hold her own. Of course she does have a "culinary assistant" to help.
This does nothing to lessen the jealous distaste half of my opinion.
Neither do the beautiful Testino images accompanying the article...
She does look rather perfect and fresh, no? Do you think it's good living habits, or the ever-so-slight touch of a plastic surgeon/aesthetician combo? Discuss.