MLHP on Facebook - Join in!

Just a quick social media update - MLHP now has a Facebook "page!" Many of you have joined the MLHP "group" (I know, page/group = confusing). I'll be shutting down the "group," and to do this, I must remove all the members, but I hope you'll hop on over, and join the conversation on the "page". Here's a link, or you can get on FB, search My Little Happy Place Blog, and then click "like."
I'll post links to blog posts on the wall (that you'll see in your News Feed), as well as additional photos of projects that didn't fit into blog posts. It's a great way to get MORE Happy Place, and a fun way for you to leave feedback on posts, photos, and engage other MLHP readers. So, boot scoot on over, and get your MLHP social media ON! ;)