Brazil: Mix Masters

Over the last two years, I've tried to become a student of Brazilian design. Well, if not a student, then at least a keen observer. What I've taken away is that the Brazilians command the skill of mixing traditional and modern styles, and they do it with effortless panache! It has made me rethink my aesthetic, and crave a touch of modern in my own home.

Look closely, and you'll see recurring themes: a love of all things Ea
mes, posh-Euro-traditional lines, GORGEOUS wood floors, and a large dose of irreverence.
Mix 'n Match chairs 'round a table are one of my newest obsessions - second only to the settee and chairs combo.

In fact, I think dining rooms (aka sala de jantar) offer a prime opportunity for mixing styles.
Did you notice, too, that natural light is a key styling ingredient? Yes, the sun shines brighter down here. Noted: Bare brick and tulip table. Yum.
Two years ago, I would've passed over this golden damask-futon-room with a brisk "Ugh." Now, I've studied it and love it! I keep thinking how beautiful everyone's complexion must be, softened by all that warm, gold light.
Ethereal, no?
Are you a rather traditional person who is opening up to a touch of modern, too? I say roll with it!
*images via here