Craving: Greenery

One of the things I'll never accustom to living with in South America is the reversed seasons. As everyone in The States is welcoming Indian Summer, here, we're winding up Winter, also known as the dry season. It hasn't rained since May, and everything from plant life to cars has taken on the distinctive hue of the red earth - desperately dry and parched.
Although Fall is certainly my favorite North American season, I'm so ready to see life in the form of greenery that will hopefully grace us soon, with the freshness of that first rain. Until then, I'm all about bringing green into the house - the bigger and more tropical, the better!

We recently purchased a tallish tropical - something between a bird of paradise and a banana tree - and it instantly elevated the room.
Despite being the design "It" plant, I still love and certainly crave a fiddle leaf ficus - they just have such presence!

Warm, modern California living room, featured in Elle Decor

Earthy, modern California living room, featured in Elle Decor

Not that a smaller plant can't have the same effect - so long as there's proper placement. Note the table serving as plant stand in Ellen Pompeo's casa.

Even a large sprig can work wonders to bring a natural freshness indoors. If you have good light in your banheiro, try using a tropical - typically, the humidity will serve it very well.
jessica helgerson

Aaaah....already breathing a little better!