Craving: Italy

I'm about half-way through the "Italy" portion of Eat, Pray, Love. No, I'm not such a bandwagon-er as to be reading the book simply because the new Julia Roberts flick based on the story is now in theaters. The film release merely reminded me the tome was on my reading list.
Anywaaaaay.....All this reading of life in Rome, as well as the beautiful stills shot on location for the film having me praying craving some Italy myself. I've always wanted to go back for the grape harvest in October. Wouldn't it be de lovely?

We could eat piles of pasta
In rusto-sleek kitchens like this
apt therapy

Or, stare at sun-drenched vineyards. That would be OK, too.
Grapes makes me think of purple, which leads to lavender, and visions of rooms like this begin to dance 'round my head.
hb via sarah gilbane

More velvet love, left over from last week
four walls and a roof

I remember this issue. Gorgeous. Still have it. Somewhere.
Italy. Yes.