Craving: Velvet

We all have have our little sweet spots. Some of us crave chocolate in the form of bon bons while others crave it in fabric. I've always found myself to be highly susceptible to cravings - items I become focused on, and can't let go until I get "a fix."
My cravings run the gamut, from design inspiration, to foods, to everyday things I spy out and about. Some are more lust-worthy than others, but I think they're worth a special post slot, and thus, Monday Cravings.
Typically, we're all scrounging for some inspiration after our weekend has expired; I hope my Craving series will put some pep in your step on Mondays!

Velvet is something that's been tempting me for some time. I need some velvet in my life. Maybe something green, or gray, very possibly tufted, or perhaps in a highly-saturated hue (my all-time fave being yellow.) Whatever. Me craves!

Neiman Marcus tufted sofa chaise

apple green velvet sofa via decorpad

I could totally rock this velvet and tropicals look here in Brazil!
Tria Giovan photo1 velvet with tropicals
via vtinteriors

fuschia velvet via mylittleapartment
via mylittleapartment

masucco warner pink velvet chairs via house to home
house to home

yellow velvet sofa via decorpad
classic, unforgettable, Domino


yellow curtains via decorpad
I wanna know, what are YOU craving?
*Sorry about the lousy, teeny-tiny images - working on that...