Bribery and What Not

Ben has been traveling a lot, lately. A lot. I sort of go to shreds when I have to do the single-parenting thing for weeks at a time, hence the paucity of blog posts. My creativity and stamina go out the door in lieu of survival skills.
The other night, the Hubster made a peace offering of sorts, to make up for his recent (and upcoming) absence...Do any of you choose home decor projects when your mate offers you a (within reason) gift of choice?

Yeah, I knew it - I'm a weirdo. But, I also know this idea would go over better than the big, blingy watch I've been eyeing...

We inherited this single, accent chair from Ben's grandparents. The fabric is actually pretty great: Brunschwig & Fils' Les Fougeres, but it's a bit discolored, and has also taken a beating from the Ghost of Crayons that wanders the halls of Casa Giese. ( Nevermind the heinous pirate chest that came as the chair's sidekick. I'm working on making that bee-YOOTY disappear. ;)
Since the chair is a singleton, I'm thinking of using it in our bedroom, next to this blue chest of drawers.
Undoubtedly, the chair would end up serving as a clothes valet for Ben, so I hate to pick too precious a fabric, although I can step a bit outside my usual price range, since it will take so little yardage to recover.

Iman's new Home line of fabrics for Calico Corners is getting a lot of press, and this Punjab Peacock IS rather appealing.
But, I also have more than a slight obsession with these metallic linens I was recently alerted to via MFAMB.
We use a white matelassé bed coverlet, so there's not much in terms of pattern to compete with. Your vote is? Cool pattern, or amped-up solid?