Craving: Lovely Loft Living

I've always had a craving for loft living. High ceilings, exposed elements like brick and ductwork, keen architectural details, and lots and lots of natural light. Somehow, I just imagine that living in a loft just makes you more hip, by default.
Naturally, the best spaces are those that have been carefully preserved and restored, but sometimes even new construction does a fine job of creating that casual-yet-sophisticated vibe loft-lovers swear by.

See what I mean? LOOK at that brick, that limestone fireplace, the height of that ceiling! Would I want the energy bill? No, but I could certainly handle a week's getaway here.

Nice detail in the column...

Often, "loft" connotes a large space, but, I'm of the thought that rather, it's a
state of living. Metal spiral staircase = love.

I can't even tell you how happy I would be to have my morning cup and blog fix in this space.
Note: gorgeous bed, interesting side chair, erotic art. Loft state-of-mind.
Don't rain on my parade loft wanna-be space. Still, the light is sublime.