Form or Function?

It's the age-old question: Form or Function? Much like heels vs. flats, boxers vs. briefs, at some point we select something based on the practicality of its use, or the way in which it fancies our eyes.
For me, current form v. function decisions usually revolve around something like small kitchen appliances: cool, retro-looks-great-on-your counter vs. a Clydesdale horse of kitchen gadgetry.
I can't even imagine the scope of thought we'd have to put into decisions that come with, say, a complete home overhaul.

For instance, Bedroom: Carpet or Hard Woods?
Lovely white bedroom: White paint + white furniture + hardwood floors, by Tom Scheerer
For looks, nothing beats beautiful wood floors, agreed?

Serene taupe bedroom: Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints 'Mushroom'
But, I can't stand putting dusty feet into my bed. Two solutions, I suppose: slippers and large rugs.
All our homes have had hardwoods in the bedrooms, and I have to say, I think I'm ready for some soft stuff underfoot.

Office: Elegant Sawhorse vs. Chunky HideItAll desk
sawhorse in pink room
Which of us can't see our most productive and creative selves in this clutter-free and complexion-flattering blush office - complete with its sleek glass, sawhorse desk?

Here's our desk at Casa Giese - a very heavy rustic thing I had made years ago in Texas. It does a halfway decent job of hiding all our junk, but it somehow makes me feel bogged down.
In another life, we'll have his-n-hers offices. Actually, mine will be called my "inspiration room." ;)

Bath: To Clawfoot or not?

It's a simple decision, really. If you have the room and budget for a clawfoot with separate shower stall - high five it. If you must do the combo gig, then leave the classic tub to the pretty images. Have you ever tried to take a shower in a clawfoot? It's nearly impossible to do without a) Getting water everywhere and b) Feeling like the curtain is attacking you. Not to mention the high wax-it factor when you try to climb waaay up and over the tub to escape.
Gorgeous form, but certainly not the winner of the multitasking contest.

As this, and other urgent questions circle my brain. What say you?