PSA: For your eyes only

This morning, my husband asked, "Are you still using that eyelash stuff?"
Me: "Yes, why?"
Him: "Because your eyelashes are out of control."

You've seen those commercials on tv for Latisse - the eyelash super-serum that Brooke Shields hocks? By the way, what doesn't she endorse, these days?
Anyway, I've never had lashes that were anything to speak of. Not especially puny, but by no means luscious. I began using Latisse sometime last year. It took about six weeks, and just when I thought the stuff was snake oil and quit, my eyelashes took off. Just as promised, first they became longer, then thicker and darker. Wanna know a weird thing, though? It didn't work when I was pregnant. Guess some bizarr-O hormone thing. Within a month or so of giving birth, I could tell it was back in business.
Yes, it requires a prescription, and yes, it's pricey BUT once your eyelashes get to the point where you like them, you can use it every other or every two days, as I do. Then, the per use cost goes down to about what a good mascara would be. Which, by the way, I rarely wear any more. When I do, it looks like I might trip over my flippin' eyelashes.
So there - a free beauty tip (and, as you can see, I have sooo many) on what I consider a true-to-hype product. Here's my results*:
...And now, you all can give ME your product picks for crow's feet and under eye circles.
*Yes, I "soft-focused" the hell out of the pic, you don't want me to keep it THAT real!
**I was not compensated in any way for this post, but if Allergan wants to comp me a year's supply of this stuff and/or a bit of botox, I'd be much obliged.