Craving: Mineral Linen

A loooong time ago, when I first saw this image of a beach home designed by Tom Scheerer, I thought it was one of the prettiest rooms I'd seen. Just for the record, if I had a Design Lover, Tom would be it.
tom scheerer hobe sound house
But, upon new review, I realize one of the items I'm most drawn to is that sofa. It appears to be a delicate, ice blue linen. I'm dying to cover something in this fresh, classic fabric. Kasler's linen fabric from Ballard looks lovely, and the price is do-able.
kasler mineral linen via ballard

...although the blush colorway gives mineral a really good run for its money.

I can see how pastel linen might make you think you'd be pigeonholed into a certain design scheme, i.e. "beachy."
...but when there's looks like this, I beg to differ...
Tufted tuxedo, be still, heart!