Craving: A Suh-WEET Sofa

Yesterday, my husband said to me, "this room would look a lot better without this [kids'] table in it." To which I replied, "this room would look a lot better if we didn't have that puke couch."
The sofa I speak of is a putty-colored, "ultrasuede" unit I bought eons ago for my apartment. Considering its department store, bargain price, I should be grateful it has held up to all these years of abuse, and I am, but I'm also well beyond the point of craving something just a tad more stylish. Something zeeesh

yellow tufted sofa simply grove
Vibrant = the perfect anecdote to our putty blahness

white tufted sofa french arm chairs elle decor
Small but elegant. Well, I can dream, can't I?

tufted tete a tete via thirteen and south blog
Tête à tête, anyone? (yeah, now I'm really dreamin')

tufted sofa via decorpad
Pure white and tufted. I must be out of my mind, but it's sooooo glorious!

sofia coppola on english roll arm
Hey, Sofia! Get out of my gray English roll-arm!

yellow velvet sofa via decorpad
Jenna's sofa. Seen it a million times - never get tired of it.

sofa and suzanis via decorpad
Well, hey there, YOU. Yeah, YOU, formal sofa with an "I'm still comfy" vibe. In the words of Prince, "I wanna be yo luvah." Ditto for the giant, framed suzanis. Another thing I still revere.

slouchy linen sofa via decorpad
Squishy, linen slips - the ultimate in casual comfort.

Warm, modern living room: Noguchi 'Prismatic' side table
Oh the choices...good thing I probably won't have to worry about making one anytime soon.
sources: simply grove, thirteen and south, decorpad, flickr