Finally....Isla's Nursery

I figured since Isla will be six months old next week, it was time for me to post pics of her nursery. It's not perfect, and certainly not perfectly styled, but, who am I kidding? More than likely, it will never be. For now, it's a pretty and pleasant space for our baby girl.

Almost everything is on its second tour of duty, although a couple pieces have been freshened up with new paint or upholstery.

I'm so glad we kept the map of Paris artwork in this room, rather than move it with Avery's bed - it works soooo much better!

There's just some things I have to live with - like hideous air-conditioning units - but the floors sure are nice.

Reupholstering the glider in the gray ikat, and adding the yellow pouf in lieu of the standard ottoman certainly helped the scene.

My changing table is a repurposed, small buffet. In Avery's nursery, it was white. For this time 'round, it got a gray paint/brass hardware facelift.

I may tire of the wall color at some point, but right now, I'm so in love with it! In the morning, it's fresh and crisp, but as night falls, it takes on a jewel-box quality. (Don't be hatin' on my sad lampshade - it's on the to-do list)

I just finished up the "art installation" above the crib the other day. Remember that I'd been inspired by de Gournay wallpaper, so I wanted to reference Chinoiserie, as well as giving something interesting for Isla to see. Not sure I have a calling as an artist, but you get the idea. Do you think the canvas should be a different color? Ben says deep blue might look better...
Did'ya notice anything else??

Tee Hee... that's right, the munchkin all this fuss is about! Little bit worth it! ;)