Chic Camera? Oui, Oui!

Ben and I don't exchange Christmas, birthday, anniversary, gifts in the traditional sense. He claims it's too much pressure to pick out the "perfect" gift (cough-copOUT-cough), and I never know what to give him, as he's the least materialistic person I know (that's a good thing, I realize).
However, in the event he ever wants to surprise me with something I am guaranteed to love, I do keep a Wishlist on Amazon. (hint, hint Honey ;)
I recently spied this too-cool-for-school camera - a Lomography Diana named the "Parisian" for its adorably-chic, and oh-so-French navy and white striped body.
"Lomo" is a style of photography dating back to the early '60s. Images in the Lomo style typically have high color saturation, yet a dreamy, vignetted appearance.
Most photo editing software offer ways to "Lomo-ize" digital images - like I did here using Picnik...
...but how great would it be to pick up an actual film camera again, and have a go at creating your own images in the iconic style? Perfect gift for your photofile family or friend (or of course, me!)