Gwyneth on Glee - Thumbs up?

I promise I'll get back to design stuff soon, but...Did you see it? The "Gwyneth" episode of Glee last night? Lawd only knows why I did, with the difference in time zones, the show began at 11 PM, and that's way past this blogstress' bedtime. (Now you know why I'm so out of the loop on current television pop culture.) BTW, immediately downloaded Cee Lo's "Forget You" onto my workout playlist - lurvs it!

So, we now know GP can sing AND dance. Were you throwing pea-green spitballs at your tv? Methinks girlfriend is setting up for a Broadway appearance - it's just a natural course, what with her mother's stage success.
The dance number to Chicago's "All That Jazz" really did have me praising her ballziness at taking risks for the sake of her art, but let's face it, what I was really critiquing was....her face...
You know I'm obsessed with celeb plastic surgery, and I'm always ready to sniff out any work they've had done. Gwynnie's face and complexion look very, very good. I know she takes care of herself, and she's gotten into great shape after wallowing in post-pregnancy blahness, but, I still. think. there's. been. some. tweaking.
Botox for sure - but not too much. Lasers or skin peels too for the radiance, but if she's doing fillers it's very, very subtle.
Like everything else she touches, she has opted for classicism and restraint. Whoever's touching her up is an artist in their own right, and I'd probably give a digit to have them on speed-text.