Humor in the Home

The oh-so-brilliant-and-witty Raina of If the Lampshade Fits posted today about a whimsical mural in eternally happy designer Jonathan Adler's home. The gist of the post being that each home should have something humorous and interesting - hopefully, reflective of the inhabitants.

I couldn't agree more. Who wants to hang out in a home - beautiful as it might be - if it has no personality, no sense of humor, no, as I call it - good BS?

So, I got to thinking - does MY casa have a sense of humor? I'd hate to get all preachy about needing some aspect of tongue-in-cheek, if I couldn't abide by the rule, myself. So....

Meet Lou.
He has a special place of honor in our bar.

...And his nutrition-conscious counterpart, Saint Glutena.
Art is a great way to "hang loose" in design. So tell, me is there any comic relief at your casa?