I'm Stoked!

YOU are one gracious group of lurchers! I knew you were, I just had to call you on it! I tried to respond directly to anyone who left an email address, but if I missed you, please accept my sincere thanks for the amazingly-supportive comments ya'll left after my post announcing my intent to pursue an education in design. You made my weekend, fo sho, and I can't wait to take you along with me!

Did you see the engagement announcement of Prince William to Kate Middleton? I for one will be glued to the papparazzi feeding frenzy that will ensue. I do feel badly for the scrutiny she will surely be subjected to, but, from I see of Kate - she is impeccable.
Lady is gorgeous, has effortless style in spades, and a body that won't quit. Lucky man, that Prince William!
What a thrill it would be to be a guest at what will certainly be THE social event of the year, but seriously, what do you give to someone who will inherit some of the most valuable real estate, art, antiques, and jewelry in the world? I bet they do something different, and ask for charitable donations, instead. That would seal them in the Court of Coolness for me!