Let the Sunshine In

My freshman year at Texas (hookem!), I took an Introduction to Architecture course - most likely to fulfill a Fine Arts requirement. Little did I know just how informative and inspirational it would be. It was taught by the Dean - a lowly assignment by most academics' standards - but also the perfect chance for him to communicate his pure passion for his art to a group of first-year sponges.

One lecture I remember in particular discussed the importance of proper placement of a building. How critical it is to relate it to the geography, the climate, and the purpose of the edifice. For example, in Austin, one certainly wouldn't want to face a wall of windows towards the west - because, like everything else that's "Bigger in Texas," so, too is the withering heat for most of the year. A west-facing facade begs for a giant oak to provide shade and natural cooling. However, a south-facing window can take full advantage of the muted radiance that is the Winter Sun.
The point being, a well-designed space takes into account, and manipulates light to its best advantage.

I couldn't help but admire how each and every one of these images brings that idea to fruition. I also couldn't put the thought out of my brain that I NEED to live in Spain - where all these homes reside. *wistful sigh*
Pasillo_large el mueble
Welcome to my humble abode...

Salon-con-chimenea_el mueble
Wonder what's more mesmerizing - the view during day or night?

Zona-despacho_el mueble
My new blogging spot

Distribuidor-desde-cocina_el mueble
Don't even think about sharing that closet!

Acogedor-aire-provenzal.-el mueble
Simple steel railing - I love you.

Batiente-en-dormitorio_large el mueble
Mornin', Sunshine!

Bano_large el mueble
Sorry, this bath is Occupado.
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