Not your average doll house

Introducing Emerson House - the modern dollhouse guaranteed to make you feel like a schmuck for buying that pink and plastic version that most certainly leaves a giant carbon footprint.
Emerson house is a pint-sized study in modern, green living - complete with solar panels that power the recessed, LED lights. (I think I'm becoming sick just writing this)

Other amenities include, "six rooms, an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors..." (yep, gag reflex in full force, now)

Also, so that your child won't be exposed to any harmful chemicals, the house is made with "Non-toxic, led-free (their typo, not mine) wood stains and paints." (I'm now convinced we're positively, purposely, trying to ninny-fie our children)
"Recommended for children age 13 or over" (because what teen is still hanging with the dolls, versus blowing things up on their Xbox - or whatever the hell those game things are)
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Happy non-sarcastic weekend.