On Second Thought...

I decided I need to move on that idea of taking some gold paint to something 'round our casa... We received these lamps as wedding gifts. They aren't anything I would purchase on my own, and they aren't exactly high-end, either.
Despite being buffet lamps, we use them on a desk-turned-console table in our living room. Said room always seems dark to me, so I thought a tiny shot of bling might help the situation - at least on the desk. I got this far, and realized that maybe they wouldn't turn out as I had imagined, but there was no turning back.
...They're not terrible from a distance, but they don't do a thing to improve either the table vignette or the room. Truth be told, I'd like different lamps, as part of a whole-room makeover, but the Coin Counter (and Maker) in the house might tell me to keep dreaming.
So, I'm back to the drawing board. I might try to repaint them another color. I might try that AND a new set of shades, or I might try to sell them and fund new ones. I guess sometimes bling's just not the thing.

Howevah I did redeem myself a bit with an attempt to duplicate these gorgeous Eduardo Garza bookends.
Those babies are dumb expensive. Who knew you could redeem your credit by selling your bookends? Anyway, awhile back, the Matters of Style gals held an impromptu gilding session, and I took note:
Better, huh?