Art that got away

A few years back, I spotted a painting at the Paris Market in Savannah. It was a very large canvas - probably six feet tall - of the back of a woman dressed in a ballet costume. It sounds cheesy, but only because my description is beyond lame. It was gorgeous, ethereal, and I wanted it with my whole being. Despite being the work of a SCAD student, we couldn't swing the price tag, and it would have done it a huge disservice to strap it to the roof of our VW Corrado.
Still, it haunted me. Still does.
I searched the artist online, but never found anything. I've since forgotten his/her name, but never that painting. That's why you should hock things to buy art that speaks to you.

I've found similar attempts, but nothing that makes my heart skip the same way.

Then I saw this...
Align Centerdecormag via desiretoinspire
Yes, that's a real tutu on canvas. Clever I'd say. They could be on to something...