Design Resolutions

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming New Year, Elle Decor went to some heavy hitters asking for their design resolutions. Several mentioned the use of new or "fresh" color combinations, while others felt the need to edit - paring down knick-knacks and unused items.

I'm not a big fan of resolutions, but the concept got me thinking, what do I resolve in terms of design for 2011 and beyond?

I have to say, my goal for all things home and decor is to move beyond the temptation for a quick fix. To hold out for higher quality, which most certainly means smaller quantity. To pursue interest rather than trend, as well as to learn the art of layering - art, table settings, bookshelves, etc.

Stuart-Creal Projects
Oh, and to have bright, beautiful curtains - somewhere.
So, there's my design resolution(s). What's Yours?