MLHP Best of 2010

This blog continues to amaze me in the ways it offers the chance to virtually "meet" all you wonderful people out there in bloggyland. I can't thank you enough for being such a sweet, eclectic and inspiring group of stalkers! ;)
For those of you who have recently jumped on this bandwagon, or for anyone who just likes a good re-read, I offer to you the Best of MLHP - 2010, and bid you a
Safe and Happy New Year!

A little B&A action:
B&A Bathroom Ecstacy

The design talents of MLHP: Mary's Room Revealed

MLHP made it Famous: He Said, She Said design commentary
For those Lamp Tramps (like me!): The Lamps of Walmart
...and, if you're the DIY type: Sunburst Mirror DIY style