Season's Greetings from Brazil

It was just too hot for me to get into any kind of holiday spirit this weekend. The good news is, we leave for The States tomorrow night, and hopefully will be greeted with some season-appropriate temps when we arrive.
Also, I scored a sunburst mirror.
I know, everyone is so over them, but this one is Peruvian, so it's way cool, and I love it. Ben hates it. Not sure why, but since he's been traveling so much, and I've been single-parenting it, I deserved a little treat, right?
I'm trying it out here for now.
...but, might move it around to here...
In other Casa Giese news: We discovered evidence of a Black Magic ritual at the corner of our street. Nice. Hope it was meant to bring good things to our 'hood.
...and, MY newest ritual: Sleepytime Vanilla. It also has hints of mint and lemongrass - it's rather perfect, in my view.
...Especially when accompanied by this...
What were you lurchers up to?