Coffee Table Quickie

Hope that title didn't mislead you into thinking this was going to be something risqué ;) Unless, of course, you consider a coffee table styling something provocative...

Over the last few years of having a toddler around the house, my coffee table scheme has wavered somewhere between boring and depressed. Like many moms, I just grew tired of having to remove anything that could be harmed, or cause harm to the kiddo.

This past weekend, though, I tried to hone my non-existent table styling skills to make it at least a tad more presentable...

There's a formula for this, but I haven't quite got it down.

Still, the right angle makes all the difference. (As does having a hubster put his two-cents in)

Guess what else happened this weekend?
9 month old birthday 2
Baby Girl turned 9 months old! Crawling like a champ, and pulling up on anything she can, so you know this new table scheme's days are numbered.