Did everyone fire their stylist?

I didn't watch the Globes last night (too late down here), but that doesn't stop me from departing from design and projects to dish on the dresses. Overall, I thought, "Wow, the stinky economy has hit Hollywood - everyone has fired their stylist." There were, however, a few stellar moments. Let's see...

The Mo-Mo Parade
I'm not sure if these women were trying to look older, but to me, between the dress and/or the hairstyle, these women weren't drinking from the Fountain of Youth last night...

Leighton Meester - isn't she, like 20-something? You wouldn't know it here...

Angelina Jolie - AMAZING color on her, but the hair is so half-assed, I miss something. Oh wait, she's sooooo over these parades...

Ann Hathaway also went with a fully-beaded, Dynasty-sleeved number. The rose gold color becomes her, but all that beading adds visual weight - ugh.

Michelle Williams - daisies on a nude background do NOT a flattering palette make.

Scarlett Johanson = Mother of the Bride
This also goes to show that nude can be VERY difficult to pull off - probably even more so on camera.
Wait! There was one more...who???
Justify FullFreakin' A - that's Sandra Bullock! She's either:
a) Pulling the "I was the winning princess last year - this year, I'm goin' Goth" a la Gwyneth or
b) She's trying to hide from ScarJo (pfft, pfft, MeOW!)

Battle of the Bumps
Both women look radiant, but the rose applique on Natalie's dress is distracting - in a bad way. Jane Krakowski's fabulous earrings offer a much more clever device at drawing the eye up.

What were they thinking?
Just because you have a rockin' bod doesn't mean you have to show up in public with nearly all of it on display. Halle - we've seen you naked in films, we get it.

Helena Bonham Carter - well, what did we expect, right? I just wish for once, she'd pull a 180 and do something pretty/elegant/flattering for gawd's sake!

Gals who Got it Right
Justify FullHelen Mirren. My husband believes she's "one of the sexiest women alive." Not sure how I feel about that...
Catherine Zeta Jones went full-throttle with the of-the-moment emerald, and she had her cancer-survivor husband on her arm. Kudos to them both.

My hands-down favorite(s)
Emma Stone in this body-skimming Uh-MA-Zing dress. The peachy-nude complements her skin to perfection, and shows just enough to be non-boring.
In a similar vein - Claire Danes. Although a tad more predictable, it is very well executed.

...and because I can adore the look of non-skinny women of color, too - Gabourey Sidibe's lilac, beaded maxi dress is the perfect amount of boho-chic for this less formal awards show. I'd actually loved to own that dress.

...and last, but certainly not least...
Tilda Swinton's channeling of Sharon Stone's "my husband's shirt" moment. This woman is such a rock star of an actress, she can tell all us hecklers to stuff it (and I would.)

Agree or Agree to Disagree?