Making my case

We made it back home to Brazil on Friday, and it's taken me all weekend just to reorient to my change of latitude. Our trip home to Texas was great, but so jam-packed with festivities and obligations that the three weeks flew by. Regretfully, I wasn't able to knock out any major design projects with my sister in her new house. Bummer.
We did manage a little room rearranging. Remember how I told you she and her hubster have a long and narrow family room that's proving difficult to configure? I cringe at releasing in-progress photos, but thought you might like an update...

New purchases are the rug (homedecorators), Wassily-esque chairs (overstock), and acrylic coffee table (ebay). The ikea chair to the left is there merely for spacing - we'll probably use something a tad taller, less deep-seated.

She originally had a large sofa where the accent chairs now sit. It visually decapitated the room. Now, it seems to breath. Ahhh...better.

This family room opens to the kitchen and dining room - which, for some reason, I'm really chomping at the bit to complete. Before I left, we were discussing the inevitable transformation of the space to an actual dining room, and I commented on curtain selection.

Some might not believe curtains are necessary when there's already perfectly-good shutters in place. I beg to differ. It's not so much that curtains are necessary, but without them, I think this room would always look a bit unfinished. Curtains take it to the next level. And, after all, it really IS all about layering to get a truly polished and complete look.

Curtains in a dining room can really make the room SING. See what I mean?
chris kraig via ed
If I had yellow velvet curtains like these, I just might sleep with them.

ashley whittaker via hb
Granted, the wallpaper is the star of this show, but can you imagine the room without the curtains? Nope. It would be incomplete.

jonathan adler via hb
Adler working his punchy magic in this I-don't-take-myself-too-seriously dining room. Curtains of turq-WAZ finish it off.

carol curtis via hb
Traditional spaces really lend themselves to the touch of formality that curtains lend.
I rest my case.