Product Review: Argonne Rug

A few of you have asked about the rug we selected for my sister, Brooke's ,living room. It's the Argonne Rug from Home Decorators in yellow (duh) - size: 8x11.
argonne rug via hd
"Argonne" rug in Yellow

I've been eyeing the Argonne because of its similarity to Madeline Weinrib's "Brooke" in Goldenrod. (Kinda karmic that I had the "brooke" rug in mind for my sister, Brooke, huh?)

Brooke_Goldenrod by weinribAlign CenterWeinrib "Brooke" in Goldenrod

Anyway, a true Weinrib is out of budget right now, but there was nothing holding us back from getting a similar look, and the Argonne accomplishes that.

We took a bit of a gamble since the online reviews of the Argonne are mixed. Some people believe the quality was not up-to-par, or that the rug is "scratchy." However, if you read the product details, you know to expect a natural fiber (wool), flatweave rug. The Argonne is not meant to be sumptuous and soft - it's a nice, budget-friendly substitution for a high-end "carpet."

Our experience so far with Argonne is:
  • Great price: 8x11 regular price - $429. We bought it on sale for $399 plus free shipping, so that was a nice bonus.
  • Color: Nice, deep yellow that was true to website photo
  • Weave: Decent, but not extremely tight. Time will tell how well it will hold up to moderate foot and paw traffic.
  • Durability: Respectable. Unfortunately, Brooke's rug was "christened" with a spill of red wine over the holidays, but it recovered well with quick blotting. If the stain remained, it was not noticeable.
Overall, the Argonne meets expectations, and I'd certainly recommend it to someone wanting a pocketbook-friendly version of a colorful, graphic-pattern flatweave.