What would I do?

Do B&A pics draw you in, almost addictively? I'd venture to say my interest has some sort of sadomasochistic twist, since I have precious little opportunity to partake in Before and After fun - what with the lack of resale/Habitat/Craigs down here in Brazil. (Do I hear violins?)

Anyway, I still spend hours conjuring up the What Would I Do's when I see something begging for a facelift. Lately, I've seen some very snazzy images of cane back chairs taken from sads to shaZAMZ

So, when I spied this little 'ol lady (one of a pair) on Houston Craigs, I immediately thought of giving them a new lease on life for my sister client.
Of course, fabric and color selection depend on room, personal aesthetics, and for me, mood. Here's a few fabric and paint combos I put together:
Colorful Classic lineup_edited-1 copy
Yellow Ikat via L&S + Glidden Rich Navy

Flowering Branch via CC + Francesca by Martha Stewart Paints

Sudan by L&S + Behr Premium Ash Violet

Formosia via L&S + Glidden Deepest Wooden Green

Posh lineup_edited-1
Jamil via L&S + Glidden True Turquoise

What would YOU do?
*Psst...if you don't know, let me help you! email me at: atexski@yahoo(dot)com