A few things of relative importance...

Today's images are brought to you by High Gloss - the newest shelter/lifestyle e-zine that launched today (in case you've been under a rock). Truly, it has left me speechless .I don't say that fleetingly. Consider it your go-to for glamorous design porn for the next few days.
High gloss premiere issue

After I posted about it, you gals flocked to HSN for Nate's Upholstered Stool like it was crack - it's now on the "almost sold out" list (powerful forces, we blogs). Sadly, because of shipping issues, I STILL haven't been able to place my own order. But I will, oh YES I will...

High Gloss table by David Jimenez

Some of you requested I source my paint and fabric ideas from this cane chair post, which I have now done.
Colorful Classic lineup_edited-1 copy
Yellow Ikat via L&S + Glidden Rich Navy

Flowering Branch via CC + Francesca by Martha Stewart Paints

Sudan by L&S + Behr Premium Ash Violet

Formosia via L&S + Glidden Deepest Wooden Green

Posh lineup_edited-1
Jamil via L&S + Glidden True Turquoise

High Gloss CA home

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, because FIVE HUNDRED of you have decided I'm worthy of following via Google reader. Since you rock so much, I've got a giveaway coming up for you.

High Gloss Houston home