Juices Flowing

The other morning I hopped on the treadmill for my usual, decent-but-not-excessive routine. Sometimes, I prefer the treadmill so, rather than having to focus on questionable topography (very typical in Brazil), my brain can meander into creative territory.
So, there I was, pacing along, sort of expecting the onslaught of ideas I use for home decor projects, blog posts, etc when there was....nothing. Not really a void or vacuum as much as the brainstorm equivalent of bellybutton lint.
Todd Romano's NYC apt via AD
Todd Romano's NYC Apt. via AD aka My blue heaven

I didn't worry too much about it - ideas will come, blog posts happen - but it got me thinking about what other expressive people do to get their juices flowing. Remember Alexandre (Mikhail Baryshnikov's character) in SATC - pulling all-night, creative benders to come up with his art installations? Or, notoriously, musicians tapping into their inner genius via mind-altering drugs.

garden via vivre cote paris
I'll take my cafe au lait here, please via Vivre Cote Paris

shower curtain
Note: Extra-tall shower curtain and tufted little bench Disregard: Poor quality photo

I dare say I'm not that in touch with my inner artiste, but I do find that certain environments foster the flow of creative juices more than others. ...And the monotony of the treadmill is usually one of them. So, what happens when that doesn't work?
well read via blog.hgtv
Well read? I'd say that's a YES.

What do you do when your go-to for creative enlightenment falls through? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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