Weekend Project: Interesting Art (3D style!)

I'm forever searching for interesting art to fill our many, white walls. Unfortunately, although I have no formal training in art, it never seems to fail that my eye falls to the priciest pieces. Not good.
So, I was delighted to see one of my favorite local artisans, a basket weaver, has expanded his repertoire to include many brightly colored versions of his traditional, woven wares . He weaves baskets from Taboa, an aquatic, grassy plant, similar to our cattails. I was instantly smitten with all the new shades, and picked out an assortment, envisioning them in a grouping somewhere in our casa.

I initially thought they'd be best in a grouping, but Ben suggested a more linear placement, as we have a large, long wall in our entry. I couldn't argue with his idea, so I set him to work on the install.

As any of you with children know, home projects inadvertently end up with several "assistants."

Nevertheless, the arrangement turned out great, with a very gallery-like appearance. The limitation of my photo doesn't nearly depict how cool it looks.
So, my 3-prong tip of the day for art is:
  • As much as possible, stay original
  • Think beyond the canvas, and
  • (sometimes) Listen to your Better Half. ;)