Dallas Client's Jump Start to Transformation

First off, thank you to everyone who sent me sincere feedback in terms of what you like about MLHP.
My takeaway was:
1) You're cool with design boards, so long as they are part of a story (i.e. my casa, client's home, etc)
2) If I'm going to slap up an image from a glossy that everyone and there sister is blogging about, then you'd like me to break it down, and talk about how to achieve a similar look. Great - I'd love to do this!
3) You love the He Said, She Said series - Awesome! I'll try to do more!
4) ...and, of course, you all love a good B&A - instant gratification mongers! :)

On that note....
I've been working with an e-client, Linds, who lives in Dallas. She and her hubster just moved from a darling, first-home in Big City Central to The Burbs of Big D. They had hoped to stay in Dallas proper, but the space they craved for their growing family sent them to the sprawls of suburbia. They found a large, charming home, but Linds wasn't taken with some of the builder-grade design, and wanted to get a jump-start on turning it into a stylish place that implemented at least some custom aspects.
So far, my job has been very easy. Linds has a keen idea of what she wants, and has great taste. I've merely offered a bit of consultation, sourcing, and an objective voice when needed.

Long distance design services can be somewhat unfulfilling if the client doesn't send "after" pics - you just have to assume they implemented your suggestions. But, nothing's more fun than getting the updates on spaces, so I was stoked to get some "in progress" pics in my inbox this weekend.

Linds' living room has double-height windows. This is the MLS listing pic of the room.
Encinias living windows before

I suggested making an investment in double-high, double-width curtains. Something to immediately add impact - like this:
HB double height curtains
house beautiful

Having curtains custom made can get dumb-expensive, but luckily, Linds already has a wonderful seamstress who put together her custom baby bedding. Even better is the seamstress doesn't charge a limb, and said she could handle the curtains - sans problème.

Linds wants to go with a blue/rich yellow/cream color palette to coordinate with her existing furniture, and I thought this fabric was pretty great with its slightly Indian pattern. It was on sale for $5.99 a yard, and we cleared them out!

Here's how they turned out (pardon the glare). Aren't they incredible? Me and amazing curtains - we be good friends!

Linds is making more drastic changes in the kitchen. She didn't dig the faux-Tuscan cabinetry, but struggled over the decision to paint them the white she so badly wants. I think she probably received a lot of unsolicited advice about how she just, "can't paint those wood cabinets!"
My opinion is this: Wood is nice, but wood is not sacred. If it's a white kitchen you want to live with, then by all means, paint the damn things and LOVE it!
Fullscreen capture 2282011 84503 PM.bmp

...So, she did.

Bought new hardware and lantern pendants, too. Good girl.

Encinias kitchen new hardware
We still have some details to decide on, but this is shaping up very nicely!