Dead Ringer Fabric?

This fabric, Botanical Fern, by Schumacher caught my eye in the latest issue of HB.

Tom Scherer for HB
(Room designed by my boyfriend, Tom Scherer.)

I noticed it primarily because it's a dead-ringer for the Brunschwig & Fils' Les Fougeres which covers a chair we inherited from Ben's Grandparents. ....Which then reminded me that I'd love to rework the chair...
If only I felt inspired over what to do with it.
I think all its good karma is being zapped by that pirate chest it's been forced to sit near for almost two years. I have no love whatsoever for said chest, but my bluff has been called on all threats to put it in the garden shed....or paint it pink.
It's definitely the Wagon Wheel Coffee Table in our house....
harrymetsally wagon wheel table scene