Needin' a Hookup + Dreamy Kitchens

I think this kitchen might be the perfect bridge between white and too white.

Fullscreen capture 4172011 84335 PM.bmp

I NEED to see it in its entirety, but I'm SOL trying to find this special edition down here (no digital version from what I can gather). Any Canadian friends wanna hook me up with a scan?

*Update* - Raina to the rescue! The kitchen is in fact a Lonny kitchen, but I guess H&H is doing an editorial of the same space.

While I await the goodness of the glossy gods, let's recap a few H&H kitchen oldies but goodies. Note: Ginormous. I realize the size may be skewed, but that's still a really large working (stove/fridge/sink) triangle to muster. Also, is that a brass pot filler amid all that stainless? If so, touch of warm metal = goodness.

Showroom kitchen via H&H

Bold yet beautiful. Obviously not worried about resale potential.
red kitchen canadian house and home

Fancy pants. It's alright, though. If you wanna go JLo in your kitchen design, I'm good with that. Just have me over for one of the espresso's that baby back there can whip up.

H&H poiters kitchen

Minimalist Art Collector knows what he's doing. Hope he doesn't mind splatters.

H&H Kitchen 1

Velvet in the kitchen. Possibly the most impractical application you could imagine for the fabric. Does that make this kitchen smug?

H&H eclectic kitchen

Contrast painting of mullions is delightful. Marble subways, no complaints. Stainless countertops = noise and a lot of dull knives.

H&H black cabinet kitchen

All-time favorite.

BobbieBurgersKitchen via H&H
Also, I'm thinking of starting a food blog. Would you follow? Need a clever name, though...