Gradeschool Crush

I have a crush on these gradeschool-reminiscent trough sinks that are popping up all over the place. If I were working with someone redoing a shared, sibling bathroom, I'd be all over it like white on rice. Ditto for envisioning a bath for my own girls.

Turns out that its pedigree isn't all that lofty - it's a Kohler model, the Brockway, offered by Home Depot. The arched, showerhead-looking faucet is the Cannock. The three-faucet model, plus faucets and accessories like the soapdish will set you back nearly 2Gs - bummer - but I'd argue the classic and whimsical style is worth the heavier price tag.

Obviously, you can take the style all-out Cottage...

...but, I tend to like where this vintage-with-a-twist look is going.

Clearly a no-brainer for kids who need as much area to catch splashes as they can get.

Mom and Dad could use a sleeker, more Victorian version...

Wonder who gets to use the mirror?