Product Review: Overstock Chevron Kilim Rug

A few weeks ago, I spied a tweet by designer and fellow blogstress, Camila about a chevron rug on Overstock. As I'm still on the chevron bandwagon, I linked over to the clearance website, and found this: Chevron Kilim Rug...
The price was too good to pass up ($130 for my 5x8), especially considering it's a natural fiber (i.e. wool and jute) rug.
It arrived today, and I have to say I'm initially very pleased. Now, don't get me wrong, this was not an expensive rug, so it is not very thick, and I don't imagine the weave is very hearty, but it gives great impact, which is what I wanted. I also like that it has a more natural, textural feel - making it at least somewhat unique among the sea of chevron rugs out there.

For now, ours is making itself at home in our entry. (yes, I know I need a larger console)

So, to summarize: Chevron kilim via Overstock gets a thumbs-up for value and looks. Bad news: I think I probably bought the last one, as it was under "high sell-out risk," and I can no longer find it on the site.

Lesson: It pays to Tweet! Follow me if you're not already!