Color Inspiration

This week is nutso. Friday, we fly to the States for several weeks of R&R action. Well, I say R&R, but I should probably say running around trying to squeeze several months worth of projecting, shopping, eating, and visiting into a mere four weeks.

I really hope to hit the ground running on some things that need wrapping up in my sister and BIL's casa - one of them being their dining room. (pardon the lame-O iPhone pic)
Brooke Dining

Among other things, we're hoping to fill the space in the back wall with some sort of buffet/console, as well as add some much-needed focal color. The walls are Dovetail Gray by Benjamin Moore. We've been trying to come up with a vivid but complementary color, but I've been shying away from putting anything too predictable with the deep gray.

And then, it hit way of a bracelet I designed...

Coral - all glossy and juicy.

For a console (or two) taking something like this....
edland 2-drawer chest
...and hackety-hack hack hacking it into something so good you just might want to eat it. Ya with me?

Stay tuned, Peeps!