My Little H Spot: Bailey of Peppermint Bliss

Many of you will recognize today's guest blogger, as her amazing and whimsical casa was featured in a past issue of Rue magazine. Yes, it's none other than Bailey of Peppermint Bliss. I'm not sure how Ms. Bailey was able to pick only one H spot, as her house is full of things that would make me happy!

My most favorite and special things in our home are our two lambs.
Lambar Odom who resides in our living room.
And Mabel who is our outdoor lamb.
Everytime I see them they cheer my heart. And they are always great conversation starters.
As in, "Why do you have a lamb in your living room/backyard?"
That question is usually an indicator that my house guest is kind of a bummer. However the questions, "Can I sit here?" or "What's his name?" tell me that we are kindred spirits, because honestly, why wouldn't you have a lamb in your home if you had the option.
Lambar Odom is considered the seat of honor in our living room, reserved for our most celebrated of visitors.
While Mabel guards our backyard, blessing the sacred ground with her golden hooves.
We are in the process of moving from Chicago to Austin and I have already staked out special spots for our lambfriends- and have big plans for adding to our herd.