My Little H Spot: Linda of Lime in the Coconut

Summer is here, folks, and that means vacation! For MLHP, it also means a suh-weet guest post series. Over the next several weeks, we'll get a peek into the homes of some of our favorite designers and/or blogstresses as they feature their home's H-spot: Items or areas in their homes that make them happy on a daily basis, and really, what makes US happier than getting to stalk great casas?

First up is Linda from Lime in the Coconut. I'm, well, just a little coconuts, myself, over her high-style, tropical home.

When I contemplate favorite things in my house (which seems to change week by week) I often seem to come back to projects....inexpensive projects...and this week it is all about color! So thanks for asking Alison!

Last fall I came upon a five dollar lamp find

...It just needed a dose of I topped it with a fab shade from anthropologie...

Turning the shade, I can even get different jolts of color
One of my faves this moment!

Another favorite is an old chair I found for pennies

...lovely lines...thought about just doing linen, but a great fabric fell in my lap...kinda I ran with it. Reupholstered it with my own little (bandaged and bloody) hands! Not everyone's cup of tea for sure...
...but I cannot tell you how cozy this big butt chair is to sit and curl up your legs and read...or gab...or contemplate your navel... And each morning waking up to see that little corner of happy as I go to make a cup of coffee... just makes my day!

And not to be left out...The corner on the other side of the room across from the chair makes me happy too...
an old mannequin from a friends clothing holds an ever changing array of beads and scarves. Color!