My Little H Spot: Michele of My Notting Hill

Today's post is from Michele of My Notting Hill. She gives us a teasing glimpse into what I can clearly tell is a very chic home. I'm just tickled to know I had a teeny bit of influence on it!
When Alison asked me to do a guest post about a spot of my house that's currently making me happy, I couldn't help but think of the location for my new Nate Berkus stools. Why? Well, because if it wasn't for Alison's January post on these stools I would never have bought before they sold out. Here they are in their new home - anchoring the round table that is one of the first things you see when you walk in our front door and head into the living room. Our living room is a long rectangle and I love how the round table breaks up that feeling.

Here's a close-up of the stool. When I ordered them I thought I would most likely replace the fabric but I actually like the color and plan to keep it as long as it holds up. Love, love the style of the mod double base.
It also makes me happy to see these books and other bits when I walk in. You might be able to make out the little red paper heart underneath the small cloche. My daughter placed it there back on Valentine's Day and now it's a permanent feature.

Thanks Alison for having me guest post & for the heads up on these stools all those months ago!