My Little H Spot: Naomi from Design Manifest

Can I just tell you how much I love a divine hack job? No need to waste more words: see for yourself as Naomi from Design Manifest shares her Hackadelic skilz!!

Hi Everyone! I'm just tickled to be sharing my little happy spot today. To be honest with you, my apartment is a complete disaster right now. I'm in the midst of about 4 projects. One of them involves wallpaper and has most of my furniture pushed away from the wall and floating in the middle of room. I also have a spare dining table, two extra BRNO chairs and a unused sideboard crowding up my living space. Not much happy about all of that. (Furniture hoarder, much?) I DO have one little corner that has been unaffected by my manic decorating, and that is my happy spot that I'm going to share today.

It's my Rast Hack.

I was inspired to add a little black/glam/Asian-goodness into my space. I adored this piece I saw at an auction, but didn't want to pony up the money for it. I know my way around an Ikea Rast cabinet, though, and thought I could hack my way to a little happiness.

I decided to go less ornate, and more with a subtle campagin-feel and I must admit I'm quite pleased with the result. It's just enough bling and drama without being over the top.

While they are waiting for their final destination (they are to be my television console,) I'm really enjoying them paired with my art and a few pretties. I was lucky enough to score this original piece of art from my grandmother's basement. The horse figurine is vintage and the lamp is from Arteriors Home.

Just looking at them makes me smile. Now if someone would just buy my BRNO chairs and finish up my wallpaper project I would be thrilled.

Thanks so much for having me over, Alison!