We Interrupt this program...for pink velvet and thrift goodness

I didn't think you'd mind me popping in (and bumping the H spot feature 'til tomorrow) for a little update on my sister's dining room - my project numero uno while I'm Stateside.

She snagged these Chippendale chairs a month or so ago, but clearly the pastel plaid fabric wasn't working with our overall theme of I'm not Laura Ashley.

Meet pink velvet goodness.

Over that slightly-rugged kilim chevron. Tell me about it, Stud!

Then there's her bathroom vanity stool.
Before: Disney called. They want their Beauty and the Beast dog back.

After: I'm trying to figure out a way to steal it from her without her noticing...

THEN: Saturday's Thrifting Session took us to the Habitat store where she scored this wingback for forty clams.
It has a bright future.

As for me, I snagged this pair of mondo lamps. Hard to tell here, but they're actually mercury glass - a bronze color. Not sure where I'll use them just yet, but I thought they were different, and I couldn't pass up the ten dollar price tag.
*SupportyourHabitatStore, Peeps!*

**Disclaimer: Wish we could take credit for the reupholstering, but we left it to the pros.**

Lots more Little H Spot guest posts still to come. We're enjoying plenty of family and friend time in (crazy sweltering) Texas, but I'll check in periodically with project updates.