My Little H Spot: Jane of Modern Jane

Many people dream of beautiful kitchens, Jane from Modern Jane actually has one that was a labor of love - check it!

I'm Modern Jane and I'm super excited to be sharing my little happy spot with you today. I feel like my yard has been my happy spot this week with the great weather and the pile of yard work I've been doing. Although, it's mornings in my kitchen that make me most happy. It always feels so bright and fresh. I love standing in there in the morning making my stove top cappuccino. Ahh.. life's simple pleasures.

I especially love my kitchen because it was a labor of love. My brother built all of the cabinets. I primed and painted them. He even made me the counter top I dreamed of, out of pine boards. It's gotten a little banged up here and there but I think it adds to its charm.

The floors were covered in black and white tiles that we chiseled away one by one. Then, my Dad and I, punched all the nails from the sub floor back into the floor so that it could be sanded. I still can't believe that it came out as well as it did.



When we started out on the construction, I didn't dream I'd love it as much as I do. I appreciate the help so much and smile every time I'm in there:)

Thanks so much for having me today Alison! It was fun!