My Little H Spot: Lindsey of Stay Young. Act Foolish. Be Happy.

Hola, Peeps! Did I mention every time we take a trip to the States, we are unbelievably swamped? It's been so great having this time with family and friends, but this woman needs a vacation from our vacation! Last week fell into some kind of time warp, so we'll be doubling up on our "guestesses" this week.
First up is Lindsey, who blogs at Stay Young. Act Foolish. Be Happy. but who also happens to be one of my e-decorating clients. Linds and her husband upgraded to a larger home earlier this year, and she's been busy trying to make it cozy. We worked together on her grand family room, and it turned out amazing, but I'll let her tell it in her own words!

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be guest posting on MLHP today. Alison's little happies are always a treat and this series of the H Spot is nothing short of pure happiness.
In the last year we have welcomed a baby into our family, moved houses, and I've turned 30. All of those things have put a burr under my bonnet to re-do, re-vamp and re-fresh around our home. Currently, we have five rather major projects in the works and lots of loose ends to tie up. This one is just about complete, and I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me!
Here is a shot of our living room just before we purchased the home. The windows needed some attention and the room was lacking overall color.

We started with the fabric for the 18-feet curtain panels and then began layering and layering from there. It's not 100%, but I think it's looking much, much better!
This pair of wing back chairs were my parents from the 90's. They were quite a site in all of their Hunter Green glory and sadly, a before picture wasn't captured before their drop-off for a needed make-over.
They've been sitting in storage for a number of years, and I have finally convinced the mister that they would look fabulous in the new living room in a fresh white. As I look from my kitchen sink towards these windows, I love seeing these chairs sitting in front of the curtain panels and a family piece of furniture. It's just happy...

Thanks for having me, Alison!