Curveballs and Crossroads

You all have been so patient with me this summer (I thank you!). First, I skeeted up to Texas for five weeks with nary a Hello between guest blogger's posts, and now that we're back in Brazil, I've been doing good to show up once a week.

I hate it when that happens. For whatever reason, or multiple reasons, sometimes the blog takes a hit - meaning, it takes a serious backstage to Life. That's as it should be, right? Still, I feel like I've got some 'splainin to do...

A few days after we arrived for our vacation in Texas we learned we are expecting Kiddo #3. I know you're probably thinking, "Wasn't she just pregnant?" Um, yeah, it feels like it. Our baby is 15 months old, now, but still - Tracy Anderson was
just starting to make some headway with my Second-baby-after-35 body.

While I'm on it, I have a question to any mothers of many out there...By the third kiddo or so, did you look pregnant, like, immediately? I'm now 12 weeks, and I swear - I wake up three months pregnant, but by bedtime, I'm five! Gravity and fluids are
not kind.

Anyway, we had considered having a third child. This was just a
leeeetle sooner than we planned. BUT, the way I look at it is A) a blessing and B) If we had waited, we would've decided two is plenty. This baby is meant to be.

However, I can't say it hasn't thrown me for a loop in terms of how and when I'll segue this blog into a business. A while back, I mentioned I planned to go back to school for Interior Design, but the truth is there are few options for me since I live overseas. The online degree programs are few and far between, but the real issue is: Do I really need to get yet another degree when I really just want to enrich people's lives and homes with beautiful décor? It takes talent and skill, but not necessarily formal education to do what I want to do.

I answer my own question with: It just might have to wait. It's tough. I compare myself and this blog against others who post beautifully crafted and well-planned posts every day, and who are quickly turning their blogs into bigger and better things. Most of them are in the career-first stage of their lives. I don't know too many women with three children under the age of five (my situation when this baby is born) who are at the top of their game professionally AND personally. I know there are some amazing souls who do it all. For me, though, something has to give. There's no question that I'll hold onto my dreams while I give my family 100%.

In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away, blogging as often as I can about projects I have going on, and things that inspire my creativity. ...And I still have that card up my sleeve about a spin-off, food blog. You all my spare time ;)

all my best,